May we introduce you the most powerful form of oxygen!

Ozone (O3), or trioxygen, that made of three atoms of oxygen and occurs naturally in nature. It is formed when oxygen and ultraviolet light interact high in the stratosphere.

In nature ozone is created by waterfalls, the ocean’s surf, and during thunder and lightning storms. It is the fresh smell of laundry dried outside, the fresh air at the seashore, or the sweet smell after an electrical storm.

What We Did ?

We produced ozone just like in nature with an electrical storm and lock it up in natural oils. We compose high technological production of ozone and pure vegetal oils which are procured by cold press.

We are proud to introduce you ozonated natural vegetal oil's series; ÉNOZONE®.


Ozonated Anti Cellulite Lotion fights unsightly fat and cellulite by combating the microorganisms responsible for poor circulation of fluids in...

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